JUDGE COFFEE is a high-end specialty coffee roaster established by a coffee expert, Frankie Sky. Frankie has been a sensory judge and barista trainer for 20 years. She is not just well-known, but also popular in the industry because of her cheerful personality. After tasting countless cups of coffee, she felt it's time to showcase her knowledge and now let everyone else be the judge. 
The brand concept is built around Frankie's unique expertise and warm, friendly personality. She knows what makes coffee beans exceptional; her sharp senses can see it, smell it and taste it. The brand identity plays with the combination of sleek and quirky to reflect the high quality of the product but keep it friendly and approachable like the founder's personality and the specialty coffee community. 
The same contrast was built into the motion design as well; the animations are slow to showcase the sensory experience of coffee, but type animation is dynamic and playful to keep the brand fresh and contemporary.

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